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Senseless by Mary Burton

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Fire, rape and death happened ten years ago and Eva Rayburn was convicted of murdering a college student, Josiah Cross. Now released Eva is determined to find out what really happened that night. She has no recollection of killing him. She does remember him raping her and losing consciousness. When she awoke the house was on fire and he was dead. But there were three witnesses who swore Eva killed him. But now those witnesses are turning up dead.

Detective Deacon Garrison wants to believe Eva is innocent but it is a weird coincidence that as soon as she is released from prison the witnesses are being murdered. But something isn’t adding up and Deacon looks into Eva’s past and he is determined to prove her innocence.

I enjoyed this romantic suspense book. It had more suspense than romance but it worked. Mary’s next book is Merciless and features Eva’s sister.

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