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Rumor Has It by Jill Mansell

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Tilly Cole has just found out her boyfriend has left her. Kind of relieved Tilly takes the weekend to visit her best friend who lives in a town outside of London. Once there Tilly is intrigued by a newspaper ad looking for a Girl Friday. Offered the job, Tilly leaves London and moves to Roxborough. There she lives with Max, an interior designer, and his daughter Lou.

Jack Lucas is the town catch. But it seems like every woman has had him. Determine not to fall into his trap, Tilly tries to maintain a friend vibe. But she starts to have feelings for him and vice verse. And Tilly is starting to think the rumors are not true about him. But can she believe in love enough to trust the real Jack?
I really enjoyed this book. The story doesn’t just focus on Tilly and Jack, but on the secondary characters as well. And the story is told from all points of view. My only tiny complaint is the end seemed kind of rushed. Looking forward to reading Jill Mansell’s other books!

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