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Wicked Appetite by Janet Evanovich

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I guarantee you will have a blast as you tear through Wicked Appetite. Evanovich has said that she will no longer be writing the Stephanie Plum in-between-the-numbers books, but will come out with a Diesel book every September. This first one was so good I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us next year!

In Wicked Appetite, Lizzie Tucker is a pastry chef with a specialty in cupcakes who recently moved from NYC to Marblehead, Mass., when she inherited her aunt Ophelia’s old home. Lizzie works at a bakery called Dazzles with a fiery redhead of a boss, Clara, and the eccentric counter gal, Glo. While working in the shop, Lizzie receives a visit from a mysterious man named Wulf who burns her hand and says he will be back. Then later, she receives a second visit from another odd guy, Diesel.

The strong and sexy Diesel is a an unmentionable who has been commissioned by the BUM to stop Wulf from collecting a series of charms that create the stone for one of the deadly sins, gluttony. If Wulf gets his hands on all 7 stones, which represent all 7 of the deadly sins, he will have the ultimate power and all hell will break loose.

Diesel needs Lizzie’s help in identifying the charms because little does she know, she is an unmentionable with special powers. Along for the ride are a one-eyed cat and a return from Carl the monkey who made his debut appearance in Plum Spooky. I know the plot may seem far fetched, but trust me if you like the humorous, fun style of Evanovich, then this is for you.


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