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Shoot to Thrill by P.J. Tracy

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This was the first MP3-CD audiobook that I have listened to, and let me tell you what a great convenience it was not to have to change a CD once during an eight hour car trip. In addition, the fast paced plot and intriguing story line made the time fly by.

In Shoot to Thrill, the most recent entry of the Monkeewrench series, Minneapolis homicide detectives Gino and Magozzi are working the case of a murdered transvestite. At the crime scene is a former judge who lives in the area who happened to be down by the river at the time of the drowning, but was too intoxicated to be a reliable witness.

Meanwhile, FBI special agent Jon Smith is working with the Monkeewrench crew, a private technologies firm that occasionally helps police with the investigation of cybercrimes, on a rash of murders where the killer videotapes and posts the murder on the Internet. So far the servers that these videos are being posted through cannot be accessed because of international regulations. Magazzi and Gino soon find out that their river bride murder is connected to the cyberspace videos, and they join up with Monkeewrench to stop the killer.

Overall, this is an enjoyable thriller. I would like to go back and read the earlier titles in this series. What was particularly enjoyable for me is that this takes place in Minneapolis, which was the location of my visit while I was listening!


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