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The Search by Nora Roberts

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Fiona Bristow has survived a madman. She now lives a quiet life on Orcas Island. She has a dog training business and has three search and rescue Labs, Newman, Peck and Bogart. Eight years have passed since she was abducted and escaped a serial killer and was able to put him in jail. But now someone has taken over the killer’s MO and the endgame is Fiona.

Simon Doyle has moved to the Island to live a quiet life and create furniture. What he didn’t want was a dog named Jaws that gets into everything. Nor did he want to be attracted to a woman who is nothing like his type. But both things happened and now he must deal with it. He also finds that he will do anything to protect Fiona.

Now the new killer is changing the rules. He starts by sending Fiona a red scarf, which the originally killer would use to strangle his victims, in the mail. Then he ties one to her fence. Now the countdown is on an it is only a matter of time before he strikes.

Nora Roberts has written another fantastic romantic suspense book. With great dialogue and supporting characters, The Search is one book you do not want miss.

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