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A Welcome Grave by Michael Koryta

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A Welcome Grave is a solid third entry in Koryta’s Lincoln Perry series. Perry, an ex-cop for the Cleveland PD, who works as a PI with partner Joe Pritchard, just received a phone call from his ex-fiance wanting his help.

Karen’s husband, Alex Jefferson, a powerful and wealthy attorney, was brutally murdered, and Karen wants Perry to locate his estranged son so that he knows not only what has happened to his father but also of the large inheritance he is slated to receive. What should have been a routine trip to Indiana to report the news to Jefferson’s son turns into a deadly twist of events where Perry finds himself at the center of it all.

Seconds before Perry could deliver the news, Jefferson’s son believed that something awful was going to happen to him, and so he took his own life. The cops already were looking at Perry because of his past run-in with Jefferson when he had discovered Jefferson’s affair with his fiance. Now with a second death in which the victim had a connection to Perry, dectective Targent and his team are zeroing in on him has their prime suspect. Perry may have to enlist the help of a Mafiso to clear his name and to save an innocent woman.

I did pick up this book in the middle of the series, so I didn’t know as much as I could about some of the plot threads, such as Perry’s connection to the Russian mobster, Thor. However, it still was a a compelling mystery that was hard to put down.


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