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Undead and Unfinished by MaryJanice Davidson

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Betsy is the Vampire Queen. She is a bit overwhelmed at the moment. Her husband, Eric, is mad at her for some reason Betsy cannot figure out. Her werewolf friend was killed protecting her and then her mate killed himself. Her best friend Jessica was forced to choose between Betsy and her boyfriend Nick and chose Betsy. Her sister, Laura, who is the daughter of Satan, is trying not to turn evil. And Betsy is still trying to read the Book of the Dead without going crazy.

The Devil pays Betsy and Laura a visit and invites them to Hell. Laura decides to go and Betsy can’t let her go alone. Once there, they find out that Satan wants to retire and have Laura take over. First, Laura needs to learn to travel through time. The first stop is the Salem witch trials. Once there, Betsy saves a woman from being killed. Without giving too much away, they continue traveling through the past and it is all connected to Betsy. Their last stop is way into the future. A future that is not good at all. And when they finally get home and Eric and Betsy are back together, everything seems to be ok. But then you read the epilogue and if you are like me your jaw will drop and will not believe what happens.

I love the Undead series. They are funny and quick reads. I cannot wait for the next one especially after the bomb that MaryJanice Davidson dropped at the end of Undead and Unfinished!

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