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Thin, Rich, Pretty by Beth Harbison

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The author of Hope in a Jar brings us another breezy, happy-ending, feel-good chick lit story. In Thin, Rich, Pretty three thirty-something women are dealing with issues from their childhood when they all attended the same summer camp.

Holly, who has always been a bit overweight, has just been proposed to by her current boyfriend, under the condition that she sheds a few pounds.

Her best friend Nicola, who Holly met at camp, is an actress in L.A. who struggles to get auditions. She knows this is due to her ugly nose, but that is about to change when she undergoes dramatic cosmetic surgery to change the feature that has held her back her entire life.

Lexi, a spoiled rich kid, made Holly and Nicola’s life miserable at camp, teasing and tormenting them along with the other clique of mean girls. Never having to work or worry about money her entire life, Lexi has just discovered that her father bequeathed everything to her step-mother who is kicking Lexi out of the house and cutting her off financially.

As an adult, Holly is shocked to run into Lexi working at a Sephora, which seems like an odd job for someone who sees money as growing on trees. She finds out that Lexi’s life is nothing that Holly would have expected. Now Holly and Nicola have a chance to repair a past rivalry from their childhood camp one summer twenty years ago.

Harbison captures on everything we love about the genre: friendship, romance, and contemporary women dealing with thirty-something issues. Thin, Rich, Pretty is another winner, and I can’t wait for what she has in store for us next.


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