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Silent Truth by Serrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love

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Hunter Thornton-Payne is out for revenge. His best friend, well his only friend, was murdered right in front of him. For the past four years Hunter has been trying to find the man who killed him and he finally has a lead. Being part of BAD, a secret government agency, has helped him find the killer. Going undercover at a fundraiser, Hunter will finally get his answer except nothing goes according to plan when he meets Abbie Blanton.

Abbie has crashed an exclusive fundraiser in hopes of talking to Gwen Wentworth. Gwen may be the only one who has the answer to why her mother is dying. Abbie uses the very hot Hunter as cover and finally gets to talk to Gwen. Unfortunately while talking on the balcony Gwen is shot and now Abbie is on the run.

Hunter takes Abbie to a remote cabin in Montana with the promise that he will help her mother. For some reason both their agendas are leading to the same place. They decide to help each other but Hunter has a hard time trusting. Will they be able to get the bad guy and save Abbie’s mother before it is too late?

Another great book in the BAD series. I enjoyed the twists and turns and there even is a mysterious man who shows up in the end. The next book in the BAD series is Deadly Promises due out in September.

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