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How to Booze: Exquisite Cocktails and Unsound Advice (The Right Drink for Every Situation) by Jordan Kaye and Marshall Altier

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I can’t believe how hard this book made me laugh. Not just smile or chuckle to myself, but drink out the nose~ laugh so loud~ neighbors are poking their heads out wondering what’s going on around here~ laugh. While I will never deny my penchant for drinking, I am by no means an expert on what to drink when, so this book seemed very useful. It certainly didn’t disappoint.

Marshall Altier is a bartender who has worked in some of the trendiest bars in the NYC area. He has invented a drink or two in the past as well. Both authors certainly lend credence to the belief that, like priests, bartenders are told just about anything.

The book is choke-full of examples of life’s situations and the best drinks to accompany the occasion. For example, attending your high school reunion? They state “It’s nice to get blackout, train-wreck, curb-retching, wake-up-in-where-the-heck-am-I drunk. Not all the time. Not even frequently. Maybe less than once a year. But it is a pleasant little treat to dole out to yourself when you have earned it, when the opportunity arises-that is to say, on those rare occasions when your self-respect and composure are useless to you in any event.” Their drink of choice to attain such drunkenness? The Rusty Nail of course!

More examples of life’s situations and their appropriate drink pairings; Stalking your ex? The Pisco Sour; Cocktails with people you despise? Pink Gin; Drowning out the ticking of your biological clock? The Bee’s Knees; Tawdry holiday parties? The Presbyterian; and those times when your partner won’t return your phone calls? The Last Word…

All of these suggestions come with detailed instructions on how to master that perfect drink as well as lessons on barware and garnishing. A handy drink index is at the end too. I admit I’ve tried several of the drinks listed in the book and found the sidecar to be my new favorite! Read, laugh, stir and enjoy!


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