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Heart of the Matter by Emily Giffin

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Giffin’s newest book focuses on two women in the Boston area whose lives intersect because of one man: Nick Russo.

Single mother Valerie Anderson, already mistrusting of some of the wealthy stay-at-home moms in her community, allows Charlie to attend a birthday party at Romy’s house for her son Grayson. Her suspicions are confirmed when she receives an emergency phone call that Charlie was severely burned at the party when the boys were horsing around the bonfire.

Nick Russo, Charlie’s surgeon, forms a strong bond with little Charlie and an even stronger bond with his mother. Clearly the chemistry between Nick and Valerie is evident, but will Nick cross that line of not only doctor/patient but of breaking his marriage vows?

Tessa Russo, Nick’s wife, is a stay-at-home mom of their two children, Ruby and Frankie and is described by her friends as having the perfect marriage. She really starts to question her life decisions and Nick’s commitment to her when his hours at work are longer than ever and his time at home is fraught with distraction. Her friends and family say that Nick is not the kind to cheat, but Tessa questions if she can believe this.

I was really mad by Tessa’s decision at the end of this book, but the fact that it brought out such strong emotions in me is a testament to Giffin’s writing (if you have read this book, please comment here). Giffin’s fans will like this newest offering; however, readers that expect their chick lit to be frothy, light, and have elements of humor should look elsewhere.


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