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Sizzling Sixteen by Janet Evanovich

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Stephanie Plum is back. Unfortunately it is all the same old same old. Vinnie gets kidnapped and it is up to Stephanie, Lula and Connie to find him. Stephanie continues to try and find FTAs while searching for Vinnie. One guy they are searching for is scary but Stephanie and Lula go to his apartment anyway and instead of finding him they find his alligator, Mr Jingles. The next one they go after works at a meat plant and he turns cows loose on them.

They finally rescue Vinnie but he owes alot of money, over a million dollars. When they think he has been kidnapped again, the three woman come up with a plan to get the money. It involves stealing and a yard sale. With Ranger always there to help her, Stephanie manages to stay in one piece. And with Joe popping up randomly to put the moves on her, it is starting to get old.

This was definitely not my favorite Stephanie Plum novel. I didn’t really laugh and Grandma was hardly in it. I guess after sixteen books one of them had to finally not live up to my expectations.

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