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Fear the Worst by Lindwood Barclay

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One morning car salesman Tim Blake and Sydney, his seventeen year old daughter who is staying with him for the summer, have a minor spat over Sydney’s new Versace sunglasses. Tim questions where the money came from to pay for them, having recalled a previous incident of theft.

When Sydney doesn’t return after work in the evening, Tim stops by the hotel to see if she picked up a second shift, but the manager confirms that there is no employee by the name of Sydney Blake. A parent’s worst nightmare becomes a reality when days pass and there is still no sign of his daughter, leaving Tim and his ex-wife, Susanne, frantic with worry.

A message from a woman claiming to have seen Sydney at the teen shelter where she works sends Tim across the country to Seattle to find his daughter and bring her home. Yet, no one at the shelter has seen Sydney or knows of the woman who called in the tip. Things really get strange when Sydney’s best friend goes missing and police are pointing fingers at Tim, the man at the center of it all, but he will stop at nothing to find his daughter.

Another page-turning thriller from my new favorite author, Linwood Barclay! I want to recommend him to everybody. This book has many suspects and twists at every turn that readers will be anxious to get to the conclusion. Those who enjoy Lee Child and Harlan Coben will definitely find Barclay to be an equal, if not better, thriller author.


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