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Shattered by Karen Robards

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Lisa Grant has come back home. Her mom has been diagnosed with terminal ALS. She has lost her job as a lawyer in Boston because of the economy, now back home in Kentucky she gets a job with her childhood crush, Scott Buchanan. Just as a research assistant but beggars can’t be choosers. Late for work one, Scott banishes Lisa to the cold case files in the basement. When she arrives one of her co workers, shows her a picture of a family. The mom looks exactly like Lisa. According to the file the Garcia family had disappeared and never been found. Intrigued, Lisa takes the file home with her, which is a big no no. Of course it doesn’t help that during the night the house starts on fire and destroys the file and almost kills Lisa.

Scott still wants Lisa. He is trying hard to fight it because he knows eventually she will leave. Now it is starting to look like the fire was deliberate and when a series of mishaps occur to Lisa, Scott has to protect her. It looks like it all has to do with the cold case. All these questions need answers. Will Lisa find out what happened to the Garcias or will she meet the same fate?

Another awesome romantic suspense book by Karen Robards. I always look forward to her books and she never disappoints.

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