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Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang by Chelsea Handler

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Comedian Chelsea Handler delivers another laugh-out-loud and lewd series of personal stories in this third book. I find people who can share stories about things most individuals are too embarrassed to talk about refreshing, and Handler does just that.

Like Are You There Vodka, It’s Me Chelsea? Handler leaves nothing to the imagination as she talks about, in graphic detail, some of her wild and outrageous antics. Many of the stories center around her live-in boyfriend and CEO of the E! channel, Ted, who Chelsea likes to prank on a regular basis. In one example, she convinces Ted that she committed canine homicide by feeding a friend’s dog shellfish at a dinner party. She even goes as far as suggesting that the autopsy reveals that the dog did not die of natural causes, that Chelsea is the main suspect, and forces Ted to attend the funeral.

In another series of stories, Chelsea talks about her insane Jewish father and his propensity to rent out their uninhabitable beach home to unsuspecting families for an exorbitant amount of rent. He sees nothing wrong with advertising their cellar as a bungalow and leaves squid in the fridge for the next tenant, who thought it was fish bait and not calamari!

In addition, what Chelsea Handler book would be complete without stories of masturbation and farting? This quick and fun book is recommended for readers looking for good chuckle who aren’t offended by vulgarity. I hope she keeps writing because I can hardly wait for her next book!


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