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The Third Circle by Amanda Quick

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The Third Circle is the fourth book in the Arcane Society series. As evidenced by the Amanda Quick pen name, this one is not set in modern times. Instead, it takes place in London during the late Victorian era.

Leona Hewitt meets Thaddeus Ware when they both try to steal the same psychic crystal from a London mansion. After obtaining the crystal, they escape, but not before Thaddeus is poisoned. Leona saves Thaddeus from insanity and death, and then leaves him at an inn to recover. Once he is well, however, Thaddeus will stop at nothing to find Leona and protect her from the danger she is in. He knows that the crystal is being sought by a cabal determined to gain power with the Arcane Society and he knows that Leona will be their next target.

Leona and Thaddeus are strong willed and powerful psychics who have struggled to be accepted all their lives. They acknowledge the strong attraction they have for each other, but both individuals are so used to being rejected or underestimated, that it takes awhile for them to realize that this case is different. The story of how they resolve the issue of the crystal and its true owner, as well as their developing relationship is fast paced, witty, and enjoyable.


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