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Lunch in Paris: A Love Story with Recipes by Elizabeth Bard

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I couldn’t possibly resist a book with this title–Paris and delicious recipes combined with a love story–what more could a girl want?

Elizabeth Bard is an American living in London who starts a romance with a sexy Frenchman and soon finds herself moving to Paris permanently, without more than high school French to get her by. As her relationship with Gwendal deepens so does her passion for living like a Parisian: picking out that evening’s dinner each morning at the market, or thinking nothing of spending four hours at a fantastic bistro for supper.

Elizabeth shares with the reader the challenges of becoming a true Parisian and a member of a French family through the beginning of her relationship with Gwendal from the first few years of marriage until she finally feels truly Parisian.

It is a sweet story that includes amazingly simple yet gourmet quintessential French recipes that any Francophile can make.


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