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Big Girl by Danielle Steel

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Victoria Dawson was a disappointment to her parents as soon as she was born. She wasn’t a boy and she looked nothing like her parents. In fact, her father thought maybe she had been switched with another baby. Her father, Jim, is a tall dark haired handsome man. Her mother, Christina is petite, dark haired and beautiful. Victoria was a cute, chubby baby with blond hair and blue eyes. Her father thinking he was being funny said they should name her after Queen Victoria. While growing up Victoria assumed her father thought she was beautiful because Queens are beautiful and graceful until she saw an actually picture of Queen Victoria. She still hasn’t forgiven him.

When Victoria was six, her mom became pregnant again. This time the baby was perfect. Grace looked just like her parents and was beautiful. The new joke by their dad was Victoria was the tester cake and Grace was perfection. Victoria did not hold this against Grace and loved her with everything she had. And Grace loved Victoria unconditionally.

As the girls grow up in LA, their differences are very noticeable but their bond never falters. Even when Victoria goes away to college in Chicago, they are still the best of friends. And when Victoria graduates and moves to New York to be a teacher, Grace couldn’t be happier. But their dad always has negative comments and their mom always goes along with what he said.

As the years go by and Victoria becomes the woman she wants to be and meets the man who loves her as she is, Grace also falls in love. Her first day of college she meets the man she would marry. Unfortunately Victoria can see that he is exactly like their father. And as much as Victoria tries to make Grace see that, she doesn’t. Because even though they grew up in the same house, they were treated very different.

I usually don’t read Danielle Steel but this book sounded different from her other ones so I gave it a try. And I am glad I did. I really enjoyed Big Girl.

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