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Sizzle and Burn by Jayne Ann Krentz

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Sizzle and Burn is the third book in Jayne Ann Krentz’s Arcane Society series, and one of the books in that series that takes place in modern times.

Raine Tallentyre has spent her life avoiding the Arcane Society and the private investigative firm, J & J, which she blames for destroying her father’s lab, killing him, frightening her aunt, and destroying her childhood. She has also hidden her ability to hear voices from others, because people either don’t believe her, or are scared of her talent. After Raine’s aunt Vella dies, Raine goes to Shelbyville, Washington to clear out her aunt’s house. While there, she comes across evidence of a crime committed by a serial killer.

Zack Jones is part of the Arcane Society, working for J & J, and sees visions. He has come to Shelbyville as part of his investigation, when he runs into Raine. Instead of finding Raine frightening, he finds her fascinating. He also appreciates the way she can understand what living with a strong, but rare paranormal ability is like. However, to Raine he represents everything that she has spent her life avoiding, and despising, even though she is intrigued by his acceptance of her talent. Inevitably, they are drawn into the hunt for the serial killer, as well as a relationship with each other, even though Raine takes some convincing.

Raine and Zack are likable characters, and I enjoyed the slow uncovering of Raine’s history. The pace is fast, the action is interesting, and their relationship is fun to watch. This was an enjoyable read.


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