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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith

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As a struggling writer, Seth Grahme-Smith spends most of his time working as a clerk in a small-town dime store. His contact with regular customer Henry is limited to small talk, that is, until the day he drops a package by with instructions to open only after he is gone. What Grahame discovers in the package is a journal written in the hand of none other than the former president himself: Abraham Lincoln, and the the whole of the novel is those journal entries.

We all know that Honest Abe was a man of law, advocate of abolishing slavery, and our nation’s 16th president. However, little of you may know the vast amount of time he spent as a vampire hunter. The novel begins with Abe’s humble upbringings on a Kentucky farm where he resides with his mother and father and older sister. Shortly after his mother’s untimely death, Lincoln learns that she did not actually die from bad milk, but at the hands of a vampire who Abe’s father was financially indebted to and was not able to repay his loan.

From this day forward, Abe vowed to himself that he would avenge his mother’s death by killing vampires. He spent days training in the woods by his house, sharpening his axe and building strength so he would be prepared to best his opponents. On one such night when he was out hunting vampires, he was caught off guard by a particularly savvy demon but was thankfully rescued by a man who called himself Henry Sturges. Henry kept Abe in his cabin under restraint until he was healed and rehabilitated. He then revealed that he is a vampire who wishes for Abe to kill others of his kind who are the causes of evil wrongdoings.

For the next twenty years, Abe received letters from Henry with a name of the next vampire that should be killed. The novel really follows Abe’s factual history, from his time as a partner in a Springfield law firm, to his seat in the senate, to his presidency. The only difference is the new knowledge of his hobby as a vampire hunter.

Additionally, the story also follows Abe’s lost of his first love Ann to TB and his later marriage to Mary Todd as well as his ongoing nightmares and premonitions of his own death. It his only until shortly before he becomes president with a war imminent that Abe learns of Henry’s true intentions and his alliance to a group who calls themselves “the Union.” It should also come as no surprise that John Wilkes Booth was a vampire as well.

I love anything about Lincoln, and I reveled in this interesting story about our fascinating president with vampire madness as added fun! Whether or not you are a history buff or vampire fan, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter should just about please anyone.


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