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Fired Up by Jayne Ann Krentz

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This is the 7th book in the Arcane Society series, and the 1st in a sub-trilogy called the Dreamlight Trilogy. Most of the Arcane novels feature members of the Jones family who are the founders, and leaders of the Arcane Society. However, Fired Up brings the Winters family into focus. The Winters are historical rivals of the Jones family, and this novel begins to tell their side of the story.

Jack Winters contacts Chloe Harper, because he needs a dreamlight reader to locate and operate the Burning Lamp for him. The Burning Lamp was created by Nicholas Winters centuries ago, to increase his psychic ability. The Lamp ended up altering Nicholas’ DNA, and this alteration has occasionally shown up in his descendants. Jack believes that he has inherited this alternation, and is afraid of becoming a psychic monster, if he cannot find a woman to operate the lamp for him.

Chloe Harper is a dreamlight reader, and a private investigator. At first, she believes that the Burning Lamp stories are simply myth, but she agrees to locate the lamp for Jack. Soon, she is embroiled in a conspiracy to expand and control psychic power, and in a fight for both hers and Jack’s life.

I enjoyed learning about the Winters, and am intrigued by where this trilogy is going. I was initially disappointed to realize that Fallon Jones was not the main character in this story, but he still appeared frequently. Thankfully, it looks like his story is coming soon.


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