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Don’t read this book if you are expecting a compelling love story. Read it if you want to understand the history of marriage and if you’re ready to examine your own feeling about the institution.

The author of the mega-hit, Eat, Pray, Love, had quite a lot to live up to when she embarked on this “follow-up”. Her style of writing is very honest and very relatable so I found this book easy to read, despite the jumping from history to travel narrative to memoir.

The book starts with the exile she and her love, “Felipe” are forced into when U.S. immigration decides that Felipe” can no longer keep coming and going from the U.S. unless they are married. Liz and Felipe spend a year wandering around Southeast Asia waiting and waiting for the government to allow them back to the U.S. to get married. But does Liz really want to get married? Why should she? She just spent a year of her life trying to heal from the heartache of a divorce, why would she want to plunge into marriage again? She decides to set out to understand the history of marriage and explore it in as many cultures as she can in an attempt to convince herself that it’s okay to try again.

While the topic is certainly not light, I found it refreshing and thought-provoking. It certainly made me think that if I had spent this much time thinking about marriage before I actually got married, I might not be divorced now!


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