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The Secret of Joy by Melissa Senate

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Rebecca Strand is not having a good week. Her dad just died of cancer and before he died he dropped a bombshell. Rebecca has a half sister named Joy. He explained when Rebecca was two he had affair when they were on vacation in Maine. Her mom and him were having problems and he strayed. When they got back home to New York he ended it and stayed with Rebecca’s mom. Then he received a phone call telling him that he was going to be a father again. Eight months later Joy was born. So he did the cowardly thing. He moved his family and got an unlisted phone number and that was the end of that.

Rebecca is in disbelief. She decided she has to find her sister. Joy is the only family she has left. Rebecca’s boyfriend, Michael, doesn’t want her to look for Joy. But Rebecca doesn’t listen. She isn’t enjoying her job as a paralegal, Michael and her aren’t in love anymore, and she really wants a sister.

Once in Maine, Rebecca is a little scared but determined. What she didn’t plan for was Joy shutting the door in her face. But Rebecca was never a quitter. She stays in the town hoping Joy will come around. While there Rebecca meets Theo, the local carpenter. She is very much attracted to him but is still with Michael. Then she meets Charlie. A stray dog who she falls in love with. Then she sees the house. The house she was meant to have.

With all these signs pointing for her to stay in Maine and leave New York, Rebecca is confused. And it doesn’t help when Joy starts to come around and they start building a relationship. Now Rebecca has to decide: stay in Maine or go back to New York.

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