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Horns by Joe Hill

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Ig Perrish had it all – once. He grew up in a wealthy, stable family. He was on his way to London for an internship. He had his girlfriend Merrin. That all changed the night Merrin was brutally murdered, and he became a suspect.

Although he was never charged, most people in Gideon, New Hampshire thought that he was guilty, and that his rich parents had pulled some strings to get him off.

So now he’s THAT guy, and he finds himself, one year later, in a very dark place. He wakes up in his car, hung over, and discovers that he doesn’t remember what happened the night before. And apparently, he’s growing horns. Out of his head. And he finds that along with the horns, he’s got a strange new power, one that’s a blessing and a curse. With his new look and his new abilities, Ig sets out to find out who the real murderer is and to get his revenge.

Beware: this book will keep you up at night – because you can’t put it down. And, it’s kind of creepy. In a really good way.


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