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Jane Bites Back by Michael Thomas Ford

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The first in a new series, Jane Bites Back is set in present day New York and centers around protagonist, Jane Austen (yes, that Jane Austen), who is a 200 year old vampire/bookstore owner. No one knows yet her true identity, not even her employee Lucy or potential love interest Walter, as she has been living under the name Jane Fairfax.

Over last several years, Jane has been trying to get her manuscript, Constance, which was written while she was still alive, published. After 116 rejections, publisher Kelley Littlejohn finally agrees to pickup her novel. Not only is he publishing it, he is also sending Jane on a multiple city press tour, convinced that is will become an instant bestseller. Although ecstatic about the direction her career is turning, it doesn’t come without complications.

Jane’s former lover, Lord Byron (yes that Lord Byron), who has also been living as a vampire under a pseudonym, is back in the picture and wants to take Jane in as his lover. Jane, still angry with him for turning her into a vampire, tries to resist his advances, but finds it difficult when he threatens to change Lucy and Walter into vampires. In addition to her Byron dilemma, she also has to deal with a crazy Bronte fanatic who claims that Jane plagiarized the work. How can Jane deny the accusations without revealing who she is?

Successful both as a humorous vampire novel and an Austen-esque story, readers won’t be able to put this one down. The back of book also contains an excerpt from the next book in the series, Jane Goes Batty. The publication date for this is not yet known, but I am looking forward to reading it when it is released!


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