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A Claim of Her Own by Stephanie Whitson

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A Claim of Her Own by Stephanie Whitson is the story of Mattie O’Keefe who is running away from an overbearing boss to live with her brother on his gold claim in Deadwood, South Dakota. It is 1876 and on arrival, she finds a rough town, and her brother is dead, and she needs to make a quick decision to sell his claim or try prospecting herself.

She decides to stay, quickly learning to cook, pan for gold, and survive alone on her claim. Mattie finds it difficult to trust people and is constantly worried her boss will come looking for her, but she soon makes friends with some of the locals in town, including a handsome preacher. Mattie is beginning to start a new life, but is planning on leaving as soon as she has earned enough gold. Can she learn to trust again? Can she forget her past and learn to have faith?

Fans of pioneer fiction will enjoy this novel.


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