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Not My Daughter by Barbara Delinsky

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Delinsky’s newest page-turner centers around single-mother Susan Tate and her seventeen year-old daughter, Lily, who has just announced that she is pregnant. What’s worse is that Susan quickly learns that along with Lily, Julia and Mary Kate, Lily’s best friends, are also pregnant. The girls formed a pregnancy pact and intentionally conceived. It also happens that the three girls mothers are close friends whom go way back and whom also have a mutual business interest in P&C Wool.

Per the terms of the pact and out of loyalty to her friends, Lily does not want to reveal the fathers who impregnated them nor which friend instigated the pact. The plan is to keep it secret until the end of the school year. However, word leaks out when a fourth friend, Abby, blows their cover at school, where the rumor quickly spreads.

What the girls didn’t plan for is the out lash it would cause for their mothers, especially for Susan, who is the their high school principal. Susan, who also had Lily out of wedlock as a teenager, is being blamed for Lily’s pregnancy, which places her career and everything she has worked for in jeopardy. Furthermore, the stress of the situation causes further disagreement and strife between Susan and her friends at P&C Wool. This is an issue that has set an entire small town community on alarm, and Susan must decide how to respond with so much at stake.

Although the pregnancy pact is key to the novel, the root of the story really focuses on relationships between mothers and daughters over generations. What I like about Delinsky’s books is her ability to really get inside her characters heads. I could have lived without the knitting details, but this is an added bonus for avid knitters. Not My Daughter is another though-provoking winner which will intrigue both fans and new readers.


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