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Easy on the Eyes by Jane Porter

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As a broadcast journalist for America Tonight, a fictitious ET type show, Tiana Tomilson’s contract is getting close to ending, and she is being pushed by studio execs and her agent to get plastic surgery if she wants to stay in this line of work. Adding to the pressure is a new, and much younger, broadcaster named Shelby who the show is trying to add as Tiana’s co-host. At thirty-eight, Tiana’s not sure if she is quite ready to go under the knife yet but knows that in order thrive in this industry, keeping up your looks is a necessity.

Despite the media attention, being in the spotlight does have its bonuses, as Tiana gets to go all of L.A.’s star-studded events from private parties to red carpet award shows. However, it is unfortunate that her path keeps crossing with plastic surgeon Michael O’Sullivan, surgeon to the stars, and a man that Tiana detests, not only for his line of work, but for his good looks and even better looking arm candy.

What also has Tiana disheartened is the lack of quality journalism her show provides. She is determined to get back into journalism that matters and talks her boss into letting her travel to Africa to interview people who are making a difference in the world with their humanitarian efforts. In fact, one of the organizations she will be highlighting is Rx Smile, a mission that Michael just happens to be involved with. Perhaps Tiana misjudged him, but falling in love with Michael requires her to let go of past pain and open herself to getting hurt again; can she risk her heart again for the sake of love?

A coworker and regular patron both have raved about Porter’s books, so perhaps my expectations going in were too high, but I was disappointed in a seasoned chick lit author’s latest offering. The last 30 pages or so were rushed and totally predictable: Tiana is in a freak accident that requires plastic surgery. Can you guess who becomes her doctor?


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