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Kitty and The Midnight Hour by Carrie Vaughn

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Late night Denver DJ/covert werewolf Kitty Norville’s life takes a dramatic turn when she starts counseling vampire and werewolf callers. The hike in ratings prompts her producer to create the radio talk show, “Kitty and the Midnight Hour,” but not everyone is as enthusiastic as Kitty. Kitty’s alpha Carl and the resident master Vampire Arturo want Kitty to quit the show for fear of the unwanted exposure it is bringing to the city’s supernaturals.

For the first time Kitty is doing something in her life that is her very own, so she refuses to abandon her new found career success and offers Carl a cut of her profits. During one of her shows, bounty hunter Cormac, loaded with silver bullets, arrives intent on taking Kitty down. When it becomes unclear to Cormac and Kitty who hired him and what is the motive, the two decide to pool information for their own protection. Additionally, the entire showdown was caught on the air, revealing Kitty’s true identity to the world.

To complicate matters further, a rash of animal-related maulings resulting in death have been occurring throughout the city. Detective Hardin enlists Kitty’s help in order to solve the crimes and catch the killer. Kitty knows that the deaths were brought on by a werewolf, but is it a rogue or someone from her own pack? She questions who she can trust anymore and turns to a certain paranormal hunter for protection.

The multiple plot threads, including a mysterious religious zealot who claims to offer a cure for the lycanthrope disease and a potential government coverup report from the NIH on the study of the paranormal, make for an entertaining read. Although I do have to confess that Kitty’s referral of her wolf self in the third person can grate on the nerves, Kitty and The Midnight Hour, the first book in the Kitty Norville series, still makes for a fast-paced urban fantasy. Fans of Patrica Briggs’ Mercy Thompson series will eat this one up.


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