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Tasting Fear by Shannon McKenna

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Tasting Fear is three stories in one book. They are the stories about three foster sisters, Nancy, Nell, and ViVi, whose mother, Lucia, has died under unusual circumstances. The day of the funeral the girls are mourning their lose when a package is delivered. It contains three pendent necklaces bearing the first initials of the girls and surrounded by jewels.

The first story, Outside the Limits, is about Nancy. It is the day after her mother’s funeral when she meets Liam, a carpenter hired by Lucia to make renovations to the house. It is instant attraction for both of them. Even though Nancy is weary of relationships and Liam is looking for the exact opposite of workaholic Nancy. Soon they discover that Lucia had been murdered and that Lucia had secrets that she never told the girls. When the house is robbed again Liam instances that Nancy stay with him. And when Nancy is almost kidnapped, Liam realizes Nancy is the only one for him.

The second story, Ask for More, is Nell’s story. She is a student working on her PhD, teaching classes, and waitressing. It is while waitressing that she develops a crush on a mysterious customer. When she answers an ad about a job the mysterious customer turns out to be the boss. Duncan knows he shouldn’t mix business with pleasure but he can’t get Nell out of his head. When he sees her being abducted he rescues her and makes himself part of her business. The sisters still don’t have a clue about what is happening but are getting close. And when Nell is kidnapped for real, Duncan will do anything to get her back.

The third story, Ready or Not, is ViVi’s story. ViVi is an artist who travels the craft fair circuit. She longs to put down roots and open a store to sell her art and others. She finally gets the chance when Duncan convinces her to hide out at his friend Jack’s place. Jack will keep her safe from the danger and she can work on her art. Sparks fly immediately but Jack is weary because he thinks she will eventually leave him. ViVi tries and tries to convince him that she is here to stay. They end up having a big fight and ViVi leaves the protection of his house. This of course leads to her being kidnapped. Jack rescues her and eventually they figure out the mystery of Lucia.

The mystery surrounding their mom is secondary to the love stories of the sisters. It was a great book that I couldn’t put down. Just a warning there is very explicit love scenes.


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