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Love You to Death by Shannon Butcher

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Elise McBride is trying to break into her sister’s house. She hasn’t heard from her sister in a couple of days and that causes enough of an alarm for her to hop on a plane from Tokyo to Haven, Illinois and find out where her sister is. Now it is really late at night and Elise is trying to get inside Ashley’s house. She finally finds a key hidden in plain sight and lets herself in. It is pitch black and the lights won’t turn on. She stumbles around and is all of a sudden thrust up against the wall by a big unmovable man. Is this the person who did something to Ashley?

Trent Brady can’t sleep. Nothing new there. It has been two years since the incident. Two years since he quit the job he loved with the Chicago PD. He is up again trying to decide if he should take a worthless sleeping pill when he looks outside and sees someone breaking into his flighty neighbor Ashley’s house. Without really thinking about it, Trent calls the cops and heads over. Once he gets there he sees the intruder and slams him against the wall. While holding the intruder, Trent realizes it is a woman. After letting her go, Trent finds out it is Ashley’s sister and she isn’t too happy.

Together, Trent and Elise will try and find Ashley. Along the way, they will found similar cases of missing women and when the bodies are found parts are missing. This just makes Elise work even harder to find her sister. Even if it means offering herself as bait, Elise will do anything to find her sister before it is too late.

Another terrific romantic suspense book by Shannon Butcher. Her previous three are No Regrets, No Control, and No Escape.


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