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Smash Cut by Sandra Brown

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Julie Rutledge is in shock. She was just robbed in an elevator and watched as the robber killed her friend, Paul Wheeler. Julie thinks she knows who was behind the killing. She thinks it was Paul’s nephew, Creighton Wheeler. She steers the police in his direction.

Derek Mitchell cannot believe what just happened. He was minding his own business flying home from Paris when he becomes a member of the mile high club. He never got her name and when he meets her again at baggage claim she acts as if it didn’t happen. Still wondering about it, Derek heads to his law practice before he heads home. Once there he is asked to represent the Wheeler family. He declines. He heads home and is watching the news when he sees his mystery lady. Her name is Julie Rutledge and she is connected to the Wheeler shooting. Derek cannot believe it. The next day he goes to her art gallery to confront her.

Julie knew Derek would show up when he found out who she was. But she had to do it. Because she knows Creighton is the killer or at least hired the killer and she couldn’t have Derek Mitchell represent him or he would get away with it. Derek finds himself drawn to Julie and ends up helping her. But when Julie thinks Creighton will be caught, the police start looking at her as a suspect. At the last minute, Paul changed his will, leaving almost everything to her which gives her motive and Creighton none. But what the police don’t know is Creighton was the one behind it and he is just beginning.

This is an excellent read. Even though you know who the killer is, you are still left wondering who the next victim will be. Cannot wait for Sandra Brown’s next novel.


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