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Sworn to Silence by Linda Castillo

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Linda Castillo’s new thriller Sworn to Silence is a page turner! Chief Kate Burkholder returned home to Painter’s Mill, a small town with a sizable Amish community, a few years ago when her mother was ill. The town council asked her to take over as chief of police because she is formerly Amish and might be able to bridge the gap between the Amish and English communities.

A serial murderer is back in Painter’s Mill after 16 years. Young women are brutally raped and tortured before they are left bleeding to death. Kate’s small police force is quickly overwhelmed, but she’s hesitant to ask for help because she has a terrible secret that she feels is related to these murders and she will do anything to protect her Amish family. The town council interferes by bringing in the local county sheriff and a state investigator, John Tomasetti, and when the murderer isn’t found, Kate is removed from her position. Determined to find the murderer, she continues investigating on her own. Tomasetti, also dealing with a terrible secret, knows she is hiding something, but the two feel a growing attraction with one another. Can they learn to trust each other, get past their demons and solve the case?

This book was terrific and kept me guessing until almost the end. Although set in an Amish community, this is not a gentle read. The book jacket says the author is already working on the next book in the series.


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