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Burn by Linda Howard

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Jenner Redwine has won the lottery. But winning the lottery isn’t all it is cracked up to be. First her ex-boyfriend brings a lawsuit against her trying to get some of the winnings. Then her absentee, good for nothing dad shows up and ends up stealing $25,000 from her. Then her best friend Michelle expects Jenner to pay for everything and Jenner finds out Michelle isn’t the friend she thought she was.

Seven years later, Jenner has found her niche. She has moved to Florida and is very active in charities and has become good friends with Sydney Hazlett, a very wealthy socialite. Now Jenner and Sydney are booked on a charity cruise to Hawaii. Sydney is visiting a friend in California and meeting Sydney at the ship. But before Sydney gets there she is kidnapped.

Cael Traylor is hired to go on a charity cruise and find out if a man named Larkin is buying nuclear weapons. Larkin is the one running the cruise. He is also paranoid. At the last minute he rearranges the cabin assignments and Cael needs a new plan. Enter Sydney and Jenner. Their cabin is now located next to Larkin’s. To get Jenner to cooperate with Cael, his team kidnap Sydney and lets Jenner know nothing will happen if she goes along with the plan.

Not knowing if Cael is a good or bad guy, Jenner goes along with the plan. Cael and her are to pretend to be lovers and Sydney stayed in California because she was sick. But not one to go along quietly, Jenner makes Cael as miserable as possible.

But soon Jenner realizes Cael is a good guy and starts to fall for him. But they need to stop Larkin before someone gets hurt, because Larkin has something planned that no one knows about. Something that could ruin the cruise for everyone and maybe end their lives!

A fantastic read by Linda Howard. After reading her last book, Death Angel, I was happy she is back to her great writing self!


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