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Dogged Pursuit by Robert Rodi

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Since I am about to adopt a Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie) puppy, I’ve been reading all I can about these smart little dogs. Shelties excel in competition such as agility and rally, and Robert Rodi’s new book, Dogged Pursuit, is a memoir of competing his rescue Sheltie in agility.

Dusty is a scruffy rescue Sheltie, a victim of neglect. The author freely admits agility is outside of his comfort zone…he’s a city boy, a foodie, and listens to jazz and classical music. Driving out to the “country” (Chicago suburbs) for competitions, eating greasy food, and mingling with folks who wear sweatshirts with their dog’s faces is not his idea of fun, but Dusty needs a job to do to be happy and the author wouldn’t mind the glory of a few blue ribbons.

After many months of training, Dusty and Rodi are ready for competitions. They certainly have their ups and downs, though glory remains a little out of reach. Dusty is great in training, but in competition he is nervous and often ignores Rodi’s cues. The book is filled with hilarious anecdotes and mishaps along with moments that Dusty and Rodi finally seem to make a connection, fit in, and gain a little glory. This book is recommended for those who especially love dogs.


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