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Swimsuit by James Patterson

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Novelist and ex-cop Ben Hawkins has just been commissioned to write the tell-all story of serial killer Henri. Whether he wants to write this story is irrelevant, because if he doesn’t, Henri will kill both him and his girlfriend.

It all started with the disappearance of swimsuit model Kim McDaniels from a photo shoot in Hawaii. Working as a crime reporter for the L.A. Times, Hawkins joins the McDaniels parents on location in search of the missing girl. Meanwhile, another model and Kim’s roommate, Julia, is found dead in a hotel room, raped and decapitated. In fact, a string of killings are occurring all of the world, and the authorities are starting to question if they could be connected.

As the reader, we know that a killer, who calls himself Henri, sodomizes and kills beautiful women while capturing it all on camera. He then sends the video to a group of individuals called “the peepers,” who pay exorbitant amounts of money to satisfy their horrific entertainment desires.

For Ben, all this is getting a bit out of control. Sure, this may be the big break in his career he always dreamed of, but it comes at an expense, as it means that he will be privy to the details of the world’s most gruesome murders, as told to him by a killer who walks free and could strike again at any moment. How can he stop Henri without risking the lives of him and Amanda?

Swimsuit is the perfect summer blockbuster, filled with exotic locales and plenty of blood and death to keep the pages turning. This is one of Patterson’s better thrillers, and my only complaint is that the story ended all too quickly. I am hoping that perhaps this is a set-up for a sequel?


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