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Death’s Door by Meryl Sawyer

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Madison Connelly just wants her cell phone. She leaves work, an online trivia site that she created with her ex-husband, and heads to her best friend Erin’s house. She gets there and lets herself in with the spare key. Once inside, Madison notices a peculiar smell. As she looks for her cell phone, Madison finds something else. Erin’s body. Madison screams and is grabbed from behind. She struggles thinking it is the killer. It is Paul Tanner, a homicide detective who is on leave from a gun shot wound.

The last thing Paul excepted to find on his errand was a dead body. All he was doing was helping out his old man, owner of Tanner Security, track down Madison Connelly and let her know her real dad is philanthropist Wyatt Holbrook. After the cops have been called and Madison is free to go, Paul tells her the news. Madison is adamant that it is all a mistake. She knows who her father is and it isn’t Wyatt. Thinking that is the end of it, Madison goes about trying to convince the cops she isn’t a suspect and planning her best friend’s funeral.

Paul won’t let it go. He has files that show Madison’s mom used the fertility clinic Wyatt had donated sperm to. He also won’t let it go because Wyatt is dying and needs a liver transplant. He has hired Tanner security to find all his children. Madison agrees to take the DNA test. While waiting for results someone tries to kill her. Paul becomes her bodyguard and starts becoming suspicion of some Wyatt children’s “accidental” deaths. As he investigates, Paul realizes someone is killing Wyatt’s children. Now he must find the killer before Madison becomes the next victim.

Another suspenseful and exciting book by Meryl Sawyer. I’m a big fan of her books and always look forward to her next one!


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