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Lavender Morning by Jude Deveraux

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Jocelyn Minton feels betrayed. The woman she grew up with, Miss Edilean, had a whole other life that Joce knew nothing about. All Joce really know was that Miss Edi lost the great love of her life, David, in the war. When Miss Edilean dies, she leaves her family house to Joce in a town named Edilean. It turns out Miss Edilean’s family were the founders of the town in Virgina. When Joce arrives at her new home, she is asked out by Ramsey, the lawyer. According to Miss Edi, Ramsey is the man Joce is supposed to be with. But Joce starts to have feelings for another fellow, Luke, the gardener and Ramsey’s cousin.

Joce finds out that there is no money and only the house. To make sure nothing happens to the house, Joce starts a cupcake business with her tenant Tess and Luke’s dad. And in her free time she is writing a history of Miss Edilean’s fascinating life. And while juggling all of this, Joce is falling in love.

Lavender Morning was a terrific first book in a new series by Jude Deveraux. The book is told in present day but when telling about Miss Edilean’s life it flashes back to the 1940s. The second book in the series, Days of Gold, will be released in December 2009.


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