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The Grand Finale by Janet Evanovich

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Berry Knudsen just fell out of a tree. She was delivering a pizza when she climbed the tree to rescue a kitten. While up in the tree Berry happened to see into the window of the man she was delivering the pizza for. He was undressing. And as soon as he got to the good part, she fell out of the tree. Onto the pizza.

Jake Sawyer can’t believe what he is seeing. The most adorable creature was lying at the bottom of the tree on his pizza. After making sure she was alright, Jake and Berry watched her Jeep roll down the street off of a cliff. Jake couldn’t help it. He kissed her.

Berry can’t believe what is happening. She had a Plan. Get her degree, run her pizza parlor, than maybe fall in love. Falling in love was not supposed to happen first. But with Jake suddenly everywhere she was, helping her run her pizza parlor, letting her use his car, and helping the three old ladies she rescued from the train station find love, how could Berry not love Jake?

Another cute re-issue by Janet. I did like The Grand Finale better than a couple of her other re-issues. But of course I cannot wait until June 23 for Finger Lickin’ Fifteen, the newest Stephanie Plum book.


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