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The House on Tradd Street by Karen White

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Melanie Middleton is a top selling real estate agent. Her speciality is old, historic houses. Which is kind of funny since Melanie has a quirky gift. She can see ghosts. When she is asked to list the house at 55 Tradd Street, Sophie is excited. This would be a great sale. But when she gets to the house she sees a woman in the garden pushing an empty swing. The woman is a ghost. Once inside the house the owner, Nevin Vanderhorst, talks about everything but listing the house. So when a couple days later Melanie is informed Mr. Vanderhorst died and left her his house and estate, Melaine is shocked.

Melanie doesn’t want the house but in order to sell she has to live in it for one year. Almost immediately Jack Trenholm, a writer who writes about unsolved mysteries, offers his assistants in renovating the house as long as he can write about the mystery of the house. Melanie agrees and with the help of her friends, Sophie and Chad, she starts restorations.

During the renovations, it comes to pass that there might be diamonds in the house. Jack knew all along but neglected to tell Melanie. Melanie is upset by this since she is developing feelings for Jack. So when Marc Longo, who has a history with the house, asks her out Melanie agrees. But are his intentions for good or bad?

With break-ins, missing diamonds, a sort of love triangle, and mysterious ghosts, The House on Tradd Street is a page turner. At the end of the book there is an excerpt for the next book with Melanie and Jack. I can’t wait!


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