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Pemberley by the Sea by Abigail Reynolds

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In this modern take on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, Reynolds brings us the love story of Cassie Boulton, a marine biologist with a questionable past, and Calder Westling, the rich son of a famous politician.

Just as in P&P, the plot builds on a series of errors, mistakes and misunderstandings between the two main characters. When they finally find one another, his influential and controlling father is bound and determined to destroy the relationship. With the beautiful setting of Cape Cod as a backdrop, plus the academic environs of Cassie’s library arts college and her research labs, this update has lots of 21st century appeal. I particularly enjoyed reading about a heroine who is a smart scientist, with real career ambitions, tenure concerns and a sex life.

Even those not familiar with P&P, but who like a good romance, will enjoy this book. Reynolds originally published this title through a small press, but like a number of other authors of Austeniana, her book was picked up and republished by Sourcebooks, Inc. This publisher has done a nice job in this niche area of publishing. You can check out other Jane-related offerings, including the entire catalog of the late Georgette Heyer’s republished Regency romances at their website:


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