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Show No Mercy by Cindy Gerard


Jenna McMillan, a journalist, helped take down an organization that was doing experiments on children. Nine months later she is trying to get on with her life and forget about the man who saved her, Gabe Jones. Jenna decides it is time to get back to work and is offered an assignment in Argentina. Back where the nightmare took place.

Gabe Jones is part of a group called Black Ops, Inc. His part in the take down was motivated by revenge. One of the experimenters, Erich Adler, had tortured his love in front of Gabe a year before. He almost didn’t get his revenge because of a feisty redhead named Jenna, who he saved and nine months later still couldn’t stop thinking about.

Now Gabe and Jenna are back in the same place and Gabe saves Jenna once again from a car bomb. Gabe gets hurt and after being treated, they return to Jenna’s hotel. When they arrive at her room, there are gunmen waiting for them. That is when they realize someone is out to kill Jenna and Gabe. Is it an old enemy or a new one? And will they survive long enough to realize their feelings for each other?

Another great start of a series by Cindy Gerard. The next title is Take No Prisoners. Her Bodyguards series is also terrific. The first book is To the Edge.


2 thoughts on “Show No Mercy by Cindy Gerard

  1. Gabe and Jenna must hook-up! Will Gabe be in the next book of the series?

  2. The series is about Black Ops Inc so I am sure Gabe will make an appearance!

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