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Where Are You Now? by Mary Higgins Clark

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Charles “Mack” Mackenzie went missing ten years ago. He was in college and had been accepted to law school. He got along with his family, had good friends yet one day he just disappeared. The only time his family hears from him is on Mother’s Day. He calls, says he is o.k. and hangs up. His sister, Carolyn, has had enough. When Mack calls this time, she tells him that she is going to look for him and won’t stop until she finds him. This threat starts a chain of events nobody saw coming.

The next day a note is left at their uncle’s church. The note tells Carolyn not to look for him. That just convinces Carolyn to pursue it. She starts by going to the police who basically tell her there is nothing they can do. She goes to the apartment he lived in and talks to his landlords. They are definitely hiding something. She talks to his old roommates, Nick and Bruce. Nick, who she had a crush on, owns a nightclub were a girl has gone missing. This is the third girl to go missing in the area in ten years. Right around the time Mack went missing. All of a sudden the police are calling Mack a serial killer.

Now Carolyn has to prove her brother isn’t a killer. She also has to find him. Her mother was against all this from the start, so Carolyn is alone in her search. Will she find her brother? Will he turn out to be a killer? Carolyn will have to search deep inside herself to find the strength to deal with whatever the answers are. Because the answers may cost Carolyn her life.

This was a very good book by Mary Higgins Clark. Her last couple of books weren’t that great for me. And she always introduces a lot of characters which can be hard to keep track of. Where Are You Now has definitely brought back the old Mary Higgins Clark.


One thought on “Where Are You Now? by Mary Higgins Clark

  1. Does Carolyn prove Mack’s innocense? I have never read MHC, but this seem appealing to me, and I just might have to give this book a try!

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