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Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella


Lexi Smart was having a bad day. She didn’t get a bonus at work, her kind of boyfriend stood her up, and now Lexi and her friends were standing in the rain trying to find a cab. Lexi spies one and decides to chase it down. While doing so, she trips and falls down some stairs and the last thing she remembers is that this is going to hurt.

Lexi wakes up in the hospital. It turns out to be three years later. The last thing Lexi remembers is the night out with her friends. She doesn’t remember anything about the last three years. When she looks in the mirror, her snaggletooth is gone, she has lost weight and her frizzy hair is sleek and straight. She can’t figure out why she looks like that, but she isn’t complaining. Nor is she complaining about her drop dead gorgeous, rich husband or the fact she has advanced in her career.

As Lexi returns to her life, she struggles to adjust. She also learns some not so good things. Apparently, she has a new set of friends and is the kind of person who would cheat on her husband. She can’t understand how she went from a fun loving, nice person with morals to a money-loving cheater who is always hungry.

This was a fun read. You will be as eager as Lexi to find out what happened to her. And you won’t be disappointed! Sophie Kinsella is the author of the Shopaholic series, Can You Keep a Secret? and The Undomestic Goddess.


2 thoughts on “Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella

  1. I have yet to read any of her books, but I know everyone really enjoys them. Do you think this would be a good title for a book discussion?

  2. Absolutely!It is a quick and there is alot to discuss.

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