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I Only Want to Be with You by Lisa Norato

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Marcella Tartagalia is this close to becoming Senior editor at her New York magazine. She just needs to do a great job at her boss’s wedding, the current senior editor and she is a shoo in. Her boss has found love in England with a vicar and is giving up her exciting life in New York for the countryside. Right before the wedding Marcella is outside the church with the magazine’s photographer/best friend, Sallie, getting last minute shots when a hunk on a motorcycle drives up. It is lust at first sight for Marcella. Back at the wedding, William Stafford, aka the hunk, is walking his aunt down the aisle. He sees Marcella in the pews and he to is struck with lust at first sight. He ends up giving her a ride to the reception and they hit it off. Marcella later finds out William is a vicar and will not have sex unless he is in a committed relationship. Marcella’s hope of a weekend fling is lost but for some reason she still wants to be with William the entire time.

Marcella goes back to New York and misses William like crazy and vice verse. Phone calls aren’t cutting it and with both of them busy with their jobs they can’t travel back and forth. Marcella needs to decide between her job and the love of her life. Is there some way to compromise or is it all or nothing?

This was a great first book by Lisa Norato. It is funny and sweet and keeps you wondering how Marcella and William will be together.


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