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Without a Map by Meredith Hall

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Moving is the best way to describe this memoir. Moving both literally and emotionally. Meredith Hall becomes pregnant at age 16 in 1965. Because of her transgression, she is shunned from her family and society. From the moment her child is taken, she spends the next twenty years outcast and alone, within her own mind and society. She chooses to live a life of shadows daring to say and do things others would never do as a way of acting against the pain and anger she feels at herself and at the world. She eventually finds herself traveling alone, with nothing but her thoughts, a sleeping bag, and her passport through far off exotic lands trying to escape her life. It is not until 21 years later, after the birth of two sons and eventual divorce from their father, (who is never mentioned by name in the book) that salvation comes. Reunion! Her long lost child finds her and only then can her emotional torment fade and the wounds of her past begin to heal. Life is hard, things don’t go your way, That’s life. Meredith proves that in a hurtful, remorseless world, one can find peace.


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