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Hissy Fit by Mary Kay Andrews

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Keeley Murdock is having a hissy fit. She just found her fiance, AJ, in a compromising position with her maid of honor at their rehearsal dinner. She feels she is entitled to throw a few items at her fiance and meltdown. As she leaves the country club she writes a dirty word describing AJ on his car door and is caught by newcomer Will Mahoney. This meeting leads to the biggest job of her life.

Keeley is an interior designer in Madison, Georgia. Will has just bought an antebellum mansion and wants Keeley to decorate it with an impossible deadline. Keeley declines at first but ends up taking the job. She throws herself into the job to forget about her ex and the fact that her friend Austin has decided to play Nancy Drew and figure out why Keeley’s mom disappeared over twenty years ago.

With lots of laugh, a little mystery and a dash of romance, Hissy Fit is a delightful read. I actually listened to it on audio through the library website’s ( downloadable service, MyMedia Mall. I enjoyed the narrator reading with a southern accent. It really made you feel like you were in Georgia!


One thought on “Hissy Fit by Mary Kay Andrews

  1. I have always wanted to read Andrews, and now you have motivated me to pick up one of her books.Also, those who really like this author can get their fix with Andrews’ newest book, <>< HREF=" 9780060837365 &srchfield1=GENERAL^SUBJECT^GENERAL^^words or phrase&user_id=plainfieldweb&password=3277" REL="nofollow">Deep Dish<><> which was just released on February 28, 2008.

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