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No Control by Shannon Butcher

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Lana Hancock was held for three days by a terrorist group. She was beaten and broken and the only one left to kill when at the last minute she was rescued by U.S. soldiers. One soldier stood out among the rest because Lana knew him to be Miles Gentry, a bomb expert, working with the terrorist group.

Eighteen months later, physically recovered but still emotionally damaged, Lana is getting on with her life. She has opened a nonprofit organization for kids and is hard at work on a fundraiser when Caleb Stone walks back into her life. Lana knew Caleb as Miles Gentry and her hatred for him is what kept her alive. Caleb was working undercover in the terrorist group and was helpless in stopping Lana from being beaten. By not interfering, he managed to save a school of children from being blown up but in doing so he gained Lana’s hatred and his own guilt.

Now Caleb is back in Lana’s life to protect her because the terrorist group believes Lana may have seen or heard something she shouldn’t have. Lana did but she isn’t talking. She thinks that if she acts like she knows nothing then they will leave her alone. But the group is going to kill her no matter what and the only thing standing between her and death is Caleb.

No Control is a great read. It has suspense, romance, and forgiveness. This is the second book by Shannon Butcher. Her first book was No Regrets, another great romantic suspense book. Another fun fact is her husband, Jim Butcher, is the author of the Dresden Files books.


One thought on “No Control by Shannon Butcher

  1. Does the story end on a happy note? Do Lana and Caleb resolve their differences and end up together? Also, interesting tidbit about Jim Butcher. I am familar with his novels, but didn’t realize he had a wife that was also a novelist. Thanks for the info!

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