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Plum Lucky by Janet Evanovich

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Grandma Mazur is up to no good again. She found a bag of money and decides to go to Atlantic City. She goes without telling anyone her plans, so it is up to Stephanie Plum to find her grandma.

Stephanie determines her grandma is in Atlantic City when she finds a pamphlet on her nightstand. She gets Connie and Lula to go with her. But before Stephanie goes, Diesel shows up. Diesel is looking for a guy who stole a horse. It turns out he stole the horse to save it from being killed. He then stole some money from a mobster to get the horse medical help. If that’s not confusing enough, he lost the money and thinks he is a leprechaun! Of course Grandma is the one who found the money.

With Lula, Connie, Diesel, a leprechaun wannabe, and an array of colorful characters, Stephanie is once again up to her neck in trouble. She must get all the money back to the mobster or it is goodbye Grandma.

Plum Lucky is part of a series of books called Between the Numbers. The first title is Visions of Sugar Plums and the second one is Plum Lovin’. They are short little books to help us through until the next Stephanie Plum book is released.


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