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The Good Thief’s Guide to Amsterdam by Chris Ewan

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Charlie Howard is a mystery writer. He is also a thief. His career in thievery started at a young age. Left alone at boarding school during holidays, he would grow bored and snoop around his schoolmates things. And eventually start taking things. While finishing his latest mystery novel in Amsterdam, Charlie receives an email to meet a mystery man at a bar. Intrigued, Charlie shows up and is offered a job. At first Charlie declines because it is such short notice, but he gives in and takes the job. The job is to break into two houses and steal a monkey figurine from each house. Charlie completes the job and goes to meet the client at the rendezvous but he isn’t there. Charlie finds out where he lives and goes to his house and discovers the client beaten and barely alive.

Charlie becomes the number one suspect and must now figure out why these monkeys are so important. With a cast of suspects and people not who they say they are, Charlie has his work cut out trying to figure out this mystery.


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